We offer stud services from $500-$1000 a stud. All of our males are disease free, and AKC certified. If your female fails to produce at least one live puppy, you have the ability to breed her again, or use another female to supplement, to the same male, or another male of preference. Price can be subject to change of a different male is selected.

Owner of the female is to bring the dog to our designated location on her 9th day of heat. The owner of the female is also to bring a copy of the dog’s registration, up-to-date shot records, as well as food and a personal bed (if she has one) to ensure her comfortability during the breeding process.

A written stud agreement is signed when the female is delivered for breeding. Usually the females are left at the kennel for 2 or 3 days to breed. After a successful mating, we charge cash up front, as all transactions are made to be final.