Although a small, pretty looking dog, the Yorkshire terrier has many qualities that are unknown to those who have not researched the breed. Yorkies are bold, active and surprisingly brave for being such a small breed. They are stubborn, difficult to housetrain and can be assertive towards other small animals & unfamiliar dogs. It is always a good idea to introduce a Yorkie to another animal with caution. Yorkies are also known for barking excessively and being excellent watch dogs. They have a great sense of hearing and will bark when they sense danger and alert their owners when visitors arrive.

The Yorkie has a bold personality and seems unaware of its small size. They are devoted to their owners, and become very attached to their family and are not always ideal for the very elderly or small children with their lively and exuberant nature. Most will prefer to share your bed if you allow. They are tolerant of older children, provided they are not treated like toys and have their own space to which they can retreat. Full of energy, they can keep up with kids, but because of their small size, toy breeds like the Yorkie can be injured relatively easily by falls, other animals, or human clumsiness, so they need more supervision with the smaller children and are usually not recommended for this type of family.

They are eager to play and get into any trouble they might find. They have a mind of their own and this feisty, sweet little dog doesn’t like to do anything he makes up his mind not to do! Even though this breed is categorized as a toy breed, there is a lot of terrier in them. They like to be busy, inquisitive, and bold. While a toy breed, and at various times a greatly pampered one, the Yorkshire is a spirited dog that definitely shows its inner personality.